Danny Proulx’s Toolboxes & Workbenches

Danny Proulx’s Toolboxes & Workbenches
Publisher: Popular Woodworking Books
Date: 2004-09
ISBN-10: 1558707077
ISBN-13: 9781558707078
Language: English
Pages: 128
Added: 2014-06-08 13:40:12

Every woodworker needs a place to store his or her tools and a place to use them. Using the plans for these 13 solid, inexpensive projects, woodworkers can learn from a master craftsman how to build toolboxes and workbenches themselves – and have fun doing it. Danny Proulx’s Toolboxes & Workbenches offers readers: Designs to fit a variety of uses and spaces – from a basic workbench and portable toolbox to workbenches with built-in tool storage and a wall-mounted tool chest; Clear step-by-step photos that demonstrate how to build each project; Advice from a master woodworker about how to make their work areas cleaner and safer; These fun and easy projects will have woodworkers up and running in no time! Show more Show less 64fa290ed8742072ebed731df026cd5f]http://uploaded.net/file/t9q53x2u/1558707077.%28DY%29%28pdf%2Cjpg%29.part1.rar Size: (31.47 MB) [/code]a28b42c96c33eb403ca716187e7c67af] Bad link [/code]File name: 1558707077.(DY)(pdf,jpg).pa.rar File size: 31.47 MB b1b136c5a57a872f4bf915cfda530699]http://uploaded.net/file/h53jhyo5/1558707077.%28DY%29%28pdf%2Cjpg%29.part2.rar Size: (29.24 MB) [/code]89721304e2f7f7e5ca59db53e327222f] Bad link [/code]File name: 1558707077.(DY)(pdf,jpg).pa.rar File size: 29.24 MB 25f0eafcf29bb201a42d3269f2d04b51]http://uploaded.net/file/l2fuuxpa Size: (100.16 MB) [/code]b2148eca84fdffcd274ed2250247b94a] Bad link [/code]File name: Danny Proulx’s Toolbox.pdf File size: 100.16 MB 3d33d44192a5c7abeab8610ba12ac1f4

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