Darwin Slept Here by Eric Simons (.M4B)

Darwin Slept Here: Discovery, Adventure and Swimming Iguanas in Charles Darwin’s South America by Eric Simons
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Overview: For "Darwin Year," a fresh-eyed and enchanting journey through South America in his footsteps One snowy day in Ushuaia, Argentina, the self-proclaimed "southernmost city in the world," writer Eric Simons picked up a copy of Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle. Simons had just hiked the mountains overlooking Beagle Channel, and he found himself engrossed in Darwin’s account.
Like Simons, Darwin was in his mid-20s when he traveled to the continent. Simons followed Darwin further into South America-to stand where Darwin had stood and to explore the histories, legends and people that had fascinated him two centuries before. Simons trekked to as many of the locations Darwin wrote about as he could find to see if he could see these places through Darwin’s eyes, and to learn what South Americans know about Darwin. Darwin Slept Here is an innovative and thrilling new look at a familiar subject from a compelling new writer to watch.
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