Data Analytics with Python by Frank Millstein

Data Analytics with Python: Data Analytics in Python Using Pandas by Frank Millstein
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 89 MB
Overview: Data is the foundation of this digital age that we live in. With this audiobook, you are going to learn how to organize and analyze data and how to interpret vast sources of information. This audiobook covers various topics on data analytics such as data analytics applications, data analytics process, using Python for data analytics, Python libraries for data analytics, and many other that will help you kick-start your data analytics journey from the very beginning.
In this audiobook, you are going to learn how to use Python and its tools in order to interpret data and examine those interesting data trends and information, which are important in predicting the future. Whether you are dealing with some medical data, sales data, or web page data, you can use Python in order to interpret data, analyze it, and obtain this valuable information.
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