Data Governance

Data Governance
Publisher: Technics Publications
Date: 2019-01-02
ISBN-10: 1634624785
ISBN-13: 9781634624787
Language: English
Pages: 206
Added: 2018-12-22 23:32:02

What is data governance? And what are the principles and techniques you can leverage as a business or IT professional to make data governance successful within your organization?

Data Governance will answer these questions and provide you with insights and approaches to improve the "data fitness" of your organization. Gain control of your data and assign responsible parties to ensure the data remains well-understood and protected, by applying the content within this book’s six chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Understanding Data Governance, looks at the broad definitions of data governance along with issues within data governance.
  • Chapter 2, Owning Data Governance, looks at Ownership, Wider Perspectives, and Roles, and explores how transparent data governance can simplify the complexities of data ownership.
  • Chapter 3, Data Confidence, explores using tools (e.g., standards, strategies, and policies) to clearly align business objectives with realistic IT deliverables and produce meaningful outcomes.
  • Chapter 4, Getting Data Fit, covers the basic elements required to make data governance work for your specific organization. There are five steps required to achieve a basic level of data fitness and effective governance.
  • Chapter 5, Approach and Stakeholders, covers various ways to implement data governance to ensure there are clear milestones and trigger points for key stakeholders to approve each phase. A data scorecard is introduced as a tool to help guide an organization through the data governance process.
  • Chapter 6, A Case Study, concerns a fictitious company, D474, used to illustrate the various examples and scenarios for implementing data governance.

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