Data Science with Python and Dask by Jesse C. Daniel

Data Science with Python and Dask by Jesse C. Daniel
Requirements: .PDF reader, 8 mb
Overview: The most comprehensive coverage of Dask to date, with real-world examples that made a difference in my daily work.

An efficient data pipeline means everything for the success of a data science project. Dask is a flexible library for parallel computing in Python that makes it easy to build intuitive workflows for ingesting and analyzing large, distributed datasets. Dask provides dynamic task scheduling and parallel collections that extend the functionality of NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn, enabling users to scale their code from a single laptop to a cluster of hundreds of machines with ease.

Data Science with Python and Dask teaches you to build scalable projects that can handle massive datasets. After meeting the Dask framework, you’ll analyze data in the NYC Parking Ticket database and use DataFrames to streamline your process. Then, you’ll create machine learning models using Dask-ML, build interactive visualizations, and build clusters using AWS and Docker.
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