David vs Goliath Chess: How to Beat a Stronger Player

David vs Goliath Chess: How to Beat a Stronger Player
Publisher: Batsford
Date: 2017-01-03
ISBN-10: 9781849943
ISBN-13: 9781849943574
Language: English
Pages: 240
Added: 2018-12-06 08:06:17

Beat the odds and win the game, with the help of renowned chess writer Andrew Soltis.

Can the lesser player win? Chess history says yes-David CAN beat Goliath. Even international grandmasters have lost to up-and-comers. Renowned chess writer Andrew Soltis shows how as he guides you through 50 annotated games in which weaker players scored stunning upsets. From studying your opponent’s past games, to getting the right psychological mindset, to identifying unexpected strategies, these techniques will give you confidence to take on anyone. Show more Show less 53262893cb3039949487b97c6791d393

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