Deadly Reckoning by Robin Mahle

Deadly Reckoning by Robin Mahle (Kate Reid #8)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 396 KB

In a small town in eastern Kentucky, jobs are scarce and illegal drugs flow freely. So when reports surface of missing people, it’s chalked up to the growing opioid epidemic. It isn’t until a young couple happens upon a gruesome discovery that the chief of police realizes his town is facing a much darker and more deadly problem.
He calls on the FBI for help and the case is referred to the elite BAU team at Quantico where Agent Kate Reid has recently joined. The unit is led by Senior Unit Agent Nick Scarborough.

The team heads to the small town where the bodies continue to turn up, all with similar signatures. And it’s Kate’s new boss, Agent Noah Quinn, who believes it could be the work of drug cartels. But Kate isn’t so sure.
While the team investigates, Kate learns more about her new colleagues and grows closer to them. And when the horrific deaths reveal a stark truth about the small town, they must convince the chief that nothing is as it seems.