Declutter Your Mind by John Williams

Declutter Your Mind: Simple and Effective Strategies to Free Yourself from Anxiety and Worry by John Williams
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Overview: The mind is a powerful thing, yet very little is really understood. Did you know that, even though scientists have spent years trying to figure out exactly how the mind works, what thoughts are, and what the "mind" really is, they still do not fully understand what goes on in the brain, apart from the physical structure that this very important organ in the human body presents. We rely on our minds so much. During the day, we depend on our brain to think, to process information, to store memories, to remember names, locations, and to remind ourselves that we have to go to that very important meeting. We then rely on our brains to remember vital information that we have to present at the meeting. These are only a few ways that we utilize our minds every single day in order to be productive – not only in the workplace but also generally in life. Even when we go to sleep at night, our minds do not stop functioning. The brain processes all the memories of the day and creates new pathways to store these memories. Dreams are also an action of the mind. So, we can all agree that the mind is a truly amazing thing and that human life would not be as advanced as it is today without all the great minds that have allowed us to accomplish so many things in the past. As we rely on the mind each day, take in information, and continuously overload ourselves with stress, there is one particular problem that we have all come across, a cluttered mind. When the mind becomes cluttered, it is so much harder to think clearly to focus on any given task at hand. You may find yourself working on one thing, but your mind is busy with something else. This is common for people who have too much on their plate, and it can be detrimental when you try to focus on being productive at work, but your mind won’t allow you to focus on a specific task or project that you need to complete.What are you waiting for? Grab this book ASAP!
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