Declutter Your Mind The Yogic Way by Advait (.AZW3)

Declutter Your Mind The Yogic Way: 15 Ultimate Secrets of the Ancient Indian Seers to Eliminate Mental Clutter, get rid of Negative Thoughts, Relieve Anxiety and have a Peaceful Mind all the time by Advait
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Overview: Feel anxious and overwhelmed by the flood of thoughts in your mind? Feel trapped by your negative thoughts? Feel constantly under mental clutter, not able to ‘live’ in the present moment? and do you want to stop worrying about life? and do you want to detox your mind?

The truth is…We all experience mental clutter. But if you always feel overwhelmed by the negative thoughts which leads to stress and anxiety, then you need to closely examine how this mental clutter is negatively impacting your health and well being. The Ancient Indian Vedic philosophy calls our mind as a monkey, constantly jumping from one branch to another, but, it was in that era. Today, with all the distractions, the 24 hour news, phone notifications, continuously ringing cell phones, it is the era of information overdose. Our mind is not just a monkey, it is a monkey stung by a bee in its arse. It seems almost impossible to concentrate and focus.

But, what if I told you, there are simple yogic techniques, which when performed, clear up your mind of all the noise and clutter and bestow upon you laser sharp focus, instantly. Detox your thoughts, Detox your brain…The goal of this book is simple: I will teach you simple Yogic techniques to get rid of the mental clutter that’s holding you back from living a meaningful life. Instead of just explaining a long-winded philosophy behind something, I provide practical, ancient, experience-backed techniques that can create real and lasting change when practiced regularly.
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Some of the Techniques that you’ll discover inside this book are:
# Shankhvartamudra / Mudra of Conch II
# Bhramari Pranayama/Pranayama of the Hornet
# Dhruv Asan/Asana of Dhruv Rishi
# ‘Aum’ Meditation
# The Relaxing Breath
# Kaaleshwarmudra / Mudra of the Lord of Time
# The Gayatri Mantra / Mantra of The Divine Light
Declutter Your Mind The Yogic Way is full of Yogic techniques that will have an instant, positive impact on your mindset.

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