Deep France by Celia Brayfield

Deep France: A Writer’s Year in La France Profonde by Celia Brayfield
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Overview: What do you do when your daughter tells you it’s time to leave the nest? Throw the computer in to the back of the car, pack your bags and move your entire household, including your cats, to France, naturally. In this wonderful book, the writer Celia Brayfield tells of her year in ‘la France profonde’, a tiny village in the Bearn, France’s answer to Texas and the land of the Three Musketeers. An insight into a writer’s life that’s full of funny and perceptive anecdotes-the wildlife in the woodpile, the low-life in the Fandango cafe, why Frenchman are so sexy (the uniforms? The arrogance?). Not to mention the portraits of Peter Mayle’s children, some of the half-million Brits who are out there living their dreams. Culture, countryside and cuisine-this is a book that gets to the essence of what makes France so special.
Genre: Non Fiction > Biography

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