Design of Analog Circuits through Symbolic Analysis

Design of Analog Circuits through Symbolic Analysis
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers
Date: 2018-02-10
ISBN-10: 160805425X
ISBN-13: 9781608054251
Language: English
Pages: 492
Added: 2018-09-19 06:56:02

Symbolic analyzers have the potential to offer knowledge to sophomores as well as practitioners of analog circuit design. Actually, they are an essential complement to numerical simulators, since they provide insight into circuit behavior which numerical analyzers do not provide. Symbolic analysis of electronic circuits addresses the generation of symbolic expressions for the parameters that describe the performance of linear and nonlinear circuits in three domains: DC, AC and time; some or all the circuit parameters can be kept as symbols. Due to the fact that these expressions remain valid during the change of component values (as long as models remain valid), designers can have both, an insight into the behavior of the network and use the expressions to optimize the circuit’s performances. This book presents, details and exemplifies famous symbolic analysis techniques. Industrial R&D topics, recent developments and future trends in the field of symbolic analysis are also highlighted. This makes the book a good resource for circuit analysis. Thus, it is intended for students and researchers as well as for industry designers. Show more Show less e0b4fa20a8f4fbde3d6e3e051fedf1c7] Size: (15.70 MB) [/code]d9e4c3bad4f77e94ad5fc9fdfec62405] Bad link [/code]File name: 160805425X.rar File size: 15.70 MB f6ad8d60a2dd8672e9d684bebdf4bcac  Size: (18.31 MB)   

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