Devoted Girlfriend System – Jason Capital

Devoted Girlfriend System – Jason Capital
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The �Devoted Girlfriend System� by Jason Capital is designed to men get an amazing girlfriend. It aims to help you become the most attractive and successful version of yourself to make a woman devoted to you.

The system includes:

� Jason�s steps to getting a devoted girlfriend
� Big mistakes that change a woman�s �devotion� into revulsion
� Secrets to keeping a woman and intensely increasing her devotion to you
Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

� The #1 Law of ~ censored ~
� How to communicate high value
� How to get a woman addicted to you
� How to ignite her �soulmate� fantasy
� How to create implicit trust in a woman
� Getting a woman to gladly do what you want
� How certainty influences perceived preselection
� How being in control of your emotions is attractive
� How to communicate your status to trigger obsession
� How to create obedience and compliance in a woman
� Powerful tools to magnify and amplify obsession in women
� How to know if a woman is irrationally obsessed over you
� Activating the female obsession DNA gene in a woman
� Why explaining yourself is an obsession turn-off in women
� 8 big mistakes that turn a woman�s �devotion� into revulsion
� A psychological technique to get a woman who�s unattainable
� Three things that get her thinking about sleeping with you
� How to keep a woman obsessed over you for the long term
� How to get a woman practically begging to give you blowjobs
� What a woman craves more than anything else in a relationship
� How to turn a woman�s life into a romantic leading lady comedy
� An intoxicating quality that makes a woman do anything for you
� Creating irresistible attraction from the moment you meet a woman
� How being �emotionally dishonest� sabotages obsession in a woman
� The 4 foundation elements of the The Obsession Code man �archetype�
� Secrets to keeping a woman and intensely increasing her devotion to you
� Why �fake till you make it� is a terrible for generating attraction in women
� How to use the principle of certainty/uncertainty to improve your relationship
� Using your voice�s tonality to trigger deep unconscious attraction in a woman
� Unconscious questions constantly looping through a woman�s mind about you
� Tapping into the part of her brain that controls her unconscious thoughts and feelings
� Shifting the top three principles in the female mind�s selection process to your favour


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