Dirty Dancing Official Dance Workout DVDRip Tutorial

Get your dancing shoes on and step out with this exclusive dance workout inspired by the #1 dance movie of all time, Dirty Dancing! Now you can learn to move like Baby and Johnny with original dance steps and soundtrack favorites from the legendary movie. Have the time of your life and get fit to Johnny’s Mambo, Penny’s Grapevine and so much more! What are you waiting for? Get out of the corner, baby, and dance! The DVD includes:

Part 1: Learn the Dirty Dancing-inspired steps featured in each routine, and prepare your body for a rockin’ good time.

Part 2: Let loose to this soundtrack favorite with the swivel, the snake and other steamy steps inspired by Kellerman’s hot dance staff.

Part 3: Take center stage with leg-shaping moves like the Charleston and triple step, and capture the heat of this high-energy song.

Part 4: Master Johnny’s mambo moves and slim your hips to the hot Latin beat of this sexy soundtrack hit.

Part 5: Combine your new steps for a cardio dance routine set to the sensational song that got Baby on her feet.

Part 6: Now that you’re a pro, show off your official moves with the “Dirty Dancing Saturday Night Edition” – no talking, just dancing!