Discipleship: Living for Christ in the Daily Grind

Discipleship: Living for Christ in the Daily Grind
Publisher: The Plough Publishing House
Date: 2011-08-16
ISBN-10: 0874868769
ISBN-13: 9780874868760
Language: English
Pages: 311
Added: 2012-07-03 11:48:04

Sometimes sensitive, sometimes provocative, but always encouraging, Arnold guides readers toward leading Christlike lives amid the stress and strain of modern life. Perhaps the hardest thing about following Christ is translating our good intentions into deeds. Christ calls us, and we yearn to answer him, but time and again we lose resolve. Is discipleship really possible today? Many selections in this book offer answers to specific needs or problems. Others grapple with broader themes such as world suffering, salvation, and the coming of the kingdom of God. All of them pulsate with conviction and compassion, giving fresh hope to those who find themselves lonely or disheartened in the daily search to follow Christ. Show more Show less eff41538b1e20560ff8e39ad4baf721b


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