Discrediting the Red Scare by Robert Justin Goldstein

Discrediting the Red Scare: The Cold War Trials of James Kutcher, "The Legless Veteran" by Robert Justin Goldstein
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Overview: During the Allies’ invasion of Italy inthe thick of World War II, Americansoldier James Kutcher was hit by a German mortar shell and lost both of his legs. Back home, rehabilitated and given a job at the Veterans’ Administration, he was soon to learn that his battles were far from over. In 1948, in the throes of the post-warRed Scare, the hysteria over perceived Communist threats that marked the Cold War, the government moved to fire Kutcher because of his membership in a small, left-wing group that had once espousedrevolutionary sentiments. Kutcher’s eightyear legal odyssey to clear his name and assert his First Amendment rights, described in full for the first time in this book, is at once a cautionary tale in a new period of patriotic one-upmanship, and a story of tenacious patriotism in its own right.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Law > Civil Rights Law

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