Discrete Mathematics

The advent of fast computers and the search for efficient algorithms revolutionized combinatorics and brought about the field of discrete mathematics. This book is an introduction to the main ideas and results of discrete mathematics, and with its emphasis on algorithms it should be interesting to mathematicians and computer scientists alike. The book is organized into three parts: enumeration, graphs and algorithms, and algebraic systems. There are 600 exercises with hints and solutions to about half of them. The only prerequisites for understanding everything in the book are linear algebra and calculus at the undergraduate level. Martin Aigner is a professor of mathematics at the Free University of Berlin. He received his PhD at the University of Vienna and has held a number of positions in the USA and Germany before moving to Berlin. He is the author of several books on discrete mathematics, graph theory, and the theory of search. The Monthly article Turan’s graph theorem earned him a 1995 Lester R. Ford Prize of the MAA for expository writing, and his book Proofs from the BOOK with Günter M. Ziegler has been an international success with translations into 12 languages.


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