Doc by R. E. Losee

Doc: True Tales of Mishaps, Emergencies, and Miracles from a Montana Physician by R. E. Losee, Ron Losee
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Overview: In 1949, Ron Losee, a young Yale Medical School graduate, headed west with his wife and small daughter to begin the practice of medicine. They settled in Ennis, Montana, in a log cabin that also became their office and lab. Patients made themselves at home in the living room. One small bag held all their medical equipment. It was a proud moment when a patient first called Losee "Doc." His fee on that occasion was three dollars.
In robust, freewheeling prose, Doc Losee – now internationally known for his work in orthopedic surgery – shares nearly half a century of dedicated doctoring, evoking the rich flavor of Montana and the dramatic dilemmas that never cease to haunt the country doctor. Exhilarating and entertaining, Doc is a moving reminder of what people – doctors and patients-can be and do. It’s the perfect cure for what ails us.
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