Doing Business In Chile And Peru: Challenges …

Doing Business In Chile And Peru: Challenges And Opportunities

Blazing the way towards freer commerce with more dynamic economies, Chile and Peru are paving the way for the Latin American penetration of the Asian markets, and the welcoming of important imported goods from the East. With its unique mix of theory, historical discussion, case studies, and contemporary analysis and prospection, this book offers a comprehensive look at the business environment in Chile and Peru. It examines how data analytics will affect the management of businesses in these two countries and how they can close the innovation gap. It also investigates the effects of past and recent corruption scandals on economic development. The book provides a solid grounding on the historical, economic, social, and political impacts of trade and business in this region and identifies the key drivers of Latin American economic growth and development. Further, the authors look forward to the rising trends that outline the future of business and commerce between these two prospering economies, the rest of Latin America, and the world. This book is aimed at scholars and researchers who seek to learn more about the changing focus and interests of Latin America, the shift away from the Atlantic economies towards the Pacific powerhouses, and the implications and opportunities this poses for American business interests.