Don Sullivan Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog Video Tutorial

This DVD set gives you a thorough understanding of the philosophy behind Don’s training System. The DVDs cover everything from basic and advanced commands, dealing with a variety of problem behaviors, creating boundary line safety, to even teaching your dog how to swim! With logical, easy to apply, step-by-step instruction, this DVD set will leave you with the feeling, “Wow, this guy really makes sense, and I know I can do it too!” Read more on next page.

Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”, is world-renowned for being the “best of the best” when it comes to dog training because he uses a System that truly works, quickly. If you have tried everything and you’re still experiencing problems with your dog, then you need the System that is a proven success. As Don says, “A dog never fails training; it is the training that fails the dog! And my System never fails!” Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older dog well set in his ways; whether you have a Toy Poodle or a Great Dane, Don Sullivan will show you how to create a relationship with your dog that, so far, you have only dreamed about!

A professional animal trainer and dog behaviorist since 1986, Don Sullivan has hosted his own national Canadian television show, “Doggin’ it”, earning him the role of guest media expert with appearances throughout the United States, Australia, England and Canada. He has been an expert witness for court cases dealing with aggressive dogs and has worked closely with animal control officers as an Aggression Specialist Trainer. Don Sullivan’s experience and knowledge of dog behavior provides dog owners with everything they need to achieve the relationship with their dogs they have always wanted.