Down the Up Escalator How the 99 Percent Live by Barbara Garson

Down the Up Escalator: How the 99 Percent Live by Barbara Garson
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Overview: One of our most incisive and committed journalists-author of the classic All the Livelong Day-shows us the real human cost of our economic follies.

The Great Recession has thrown huge economic chal­lenges at almost all Americans save the super-affluent few, and we are only now beginning to reckon up the human toll it is taking. Down the Up Escalator is an urgent dispatch from the front lines of our vast collective struggle to keep our heads above water and maybe even-someday-get ahead. Garson has interviewed an economically and geographically wide variety of Americans to show the pain­ful waste in all this loss and insecurity, and describe how individuals are coping. Her broader historical focus, though, is on the causes and consequences of the long stag­nation of wages and how it has resulted in an increasingly desperate reliance on credit and a series of ever-larger bubbles-stocks, technology, real estate. This is no way to run an economy, or a democracy.
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