Driven from Within

Driven from Within
Publisher: Atria
Date: 2005-10-24
ISBN-10: 0743284003
ISBN-13: 9780743284004
Language: English
Pages: 208
Added: 2018-06-20 15:46:02

Michael Jordan is the rare global icon whose celebrity extends beyond his original stage and onto multiple platforms.
His relentless determination produced six NBA Championships amd some of the most spectacular performances in sports history, while his enduring grace and unique sense of style made him equally famous in the worlds of fashion, business and marketing.
In Driven from Within, Michael makes it clear that the basis for his phenomenal success came from the inside out, thanks in part to those who guided him along the way. His skill, work ethic, philosophy, personal style, competitiveness and presence have flowed from the basketball court and into every facet of his life.
Nearly three years removed from his last turn as an athlete, Michael’s 20th Air Jordan shoe has helped push Nike’s Brand Jordan division to nearly $500 million in sales. Show more Show less c4cfb7580bae015f3881e2f0807fbd27  Size: (64.90 MB)   

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