Drumming System 2.0 [ Drumeo ]

Drumming System 2.0 [ Drumeo ]

Drumming System 2.0 [ Drumeo ] | 21.97 GB

Why We Created This

There is always more that we can learn on the drums, but it’s often difficult to choose the next step to take. This comprehensive training pack includes easy step-by-step lessons so you can improve at your own pace.
Key Features

20 step-by-step training DVDs, 21 play-along CDs, and 5 spiral-bound workbooks.
Covers classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, grunge rock, progressive rock, punk
rock, blues, country, odd time, shuffles, funk, Latin, jazz, and more.
Four-way split screen video ensures you see everything.
On-screen sheet music with a blue bar marking progress.
Drum-less play-along songs with and without a metronome.
Companion workbooks that make it easy to follow along.

Tech Specs

Video: 30+ hours of video on 20 DVDs.
Audio: 100+ play-along songs on 21 CDs.
Books: 268 pages in 5 spiral-bound books.
Online: Digital versions of all content.
Skill: From beginner to advanced.

More Information

The complete Drumming System includes everything covered in the video above. You get 20 instructional DVDs with over 30 hours of detailed video training, 21 CDs with over 100 play-alongs, 5 spiral-bound workbooks packed with lesson material, plus online access to everything included in the Drumming System!

All together, this comprehensive training package includes everything you need to progress from complete beginner to seasoned professional. Some of the lessons include: hand technique, drum beats, drum fills, speed and endurance, practice routines, drum rudiments, drum tuning and setup, bass drum technique, soloing, and jamming with a variety of play-along songs!

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