Eastern Alpine Guide : Natural History and Conservation of Mountain Tu

Eastern Alpine Guide : Natural History and Conservation of Mountain Tundra East of the Rockies

by Mike Jones and Liz Willey
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1512603023 | 371 Pages | PDF | 56 MB

This unique book celebrates and documents the incredible and colorful biodiversity of the mountain landscapes of eastern North America, covering all of the major alpine ecosystems in New England, New York, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Twenty scientists, explorers, naturalists, and land managers from the United States and Canada have collaborated to create this definitive and beautiful account of the flora and fauna of the eastern alpine tundra.

“What a gift to mountain lovers! This labor of love will open your eyes to the eastern alpine world that stretches well past the top of Mount Washington and Mount Marcy. You’ll read it and then reach for your calendar.” – Bill McKibben

“This detailed treatment of above-treeline areas of eastern North America packs an incredible amount of information into one comprehensive, attractive package. With hundreds of gorgeous photos and well-crafted, aesthetically appealing maps, it offers both a broad overview of the natural history of eastern alpine zones and detailed descriptions of specific regions and ranges.” – Ben Kimball, author of Trail Running Western Massachusetts and co-author of The Nature of New Hampshire

Download: http://longfiles.com/gbqck9uizi66/Eastern_Alpine_Guide_Natural_History_and_Conservation_of_Mountain_Tundra_East_of_the_Rockies.pdf.html