Easy Recipes for Busy Students by Zina Djouder

Easy Recipes for Busy Students: 91 Hassle-Free Homemade Meals by Zina Djouder
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Overview: As a mom of three kids, including one studying at university, I realize that eating healthy meals while being a student can be tricky. We all know it’s a challenge to cook healthy meals from scratch and getting all the required daily nutrients. Today’s paced lifestyle is all about getting everything done quickly. This is why students gravitate towards fast food restaurants which is an unhealthy choice for anyone. The good news is that you can eat healthy meals made from scratch in a relatively short time. Avoid the following as much as you can: processed meats and packaged microwavable pasta or rice: these foods are poor in nutrients. Fruit juices and soda pop that contain sugar must also be avoided. Choose water and green tea instead. All that is possible by simply giving it a try and pre-planning your meals according to what your body needs to stay healthy. Everything you should know about obtaining ready-to-use ingredients and how to properly clean your vegetables and fruit before cooking are included in this book. This beautiful recipe book also contains easy recipe ideas for various events such as: supper between friends or roommates, recipes to surprise or impress your parents, how to plan ahead on weekdays. Also each recipe contains 2 photos illustrated. Practical headings to start: cooking, my grocery list, tools and utensils, glossary. You will find a wide variety of recipes such as “Express” recipes which can be prepared in a short time, hearty home meals, and a number of recipes that require no formal cooking knowledge. Certainly, there are many recipes out there, some better than others, some are easier to prepare while others are more complex. In this recipe book you will find yummy and easy recipes which await to be discovered. Give it a try – you won’t regret it ! Before starting any recipes, make sure you have organized all the necessary ingredients.
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