Effective Communication Skills by Dale Lowndes+

Effective Communication Skills by Dale Lowndes, Leil Carniege
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Do you know that the first cause of relationship failure is the lack of communication? Do you want to find out how to get better results both in your everyday life in couple and in the workplace?
Communication is an important tool for increasing productivity and promoting great relationships across all levels of an organization. Employers who invest their resources in building an effective communication system will quickly earn their employee’s trust which results in increased productivity and business growth.
Similarly, employees who are good at communicating with fallow workers, management and costumers become valuable to the company and, additionally, this skill fast tracks them to successful careers. Effective communication also helps creating strong teams.
Moreover communication is important in everyday life. It is no doubt that communication plays a vital role in human life and represents the foundation of all human relationships. Every day we communicate with a lot of people including our families, our friends, our colleagues, or even strangers. We should learn how to communicate effectively in order to make our lives better.
On the other hand a lack of communication can lead to the collapse of any organization. Poorcommunication skills are also a major contributor of divorces. Apparently, many of us are not so good at expressing our needs, or listening to our partners attentively, and this denies us the chance to connect with our partner, which opens up cracks in our marriage. If we had great communication skills, we’d know better that we should not open our mouths before thinking through what we were about to say; we’d use the right body language and stare right into our partner’s eyes; we’d show our partners more respect and agree to disagree with them.
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