Electromechanical Properties In Composites Based On Ferroelectrics …

Electromechanical Properties In Composites Based On Ferroelectrics (engineering Materials And Processes)

“Electromechanical Properties in Composites Based on Ferroelectrics” investigates the problem of prediction and non-monotonicity of the effective electromechanical (piezoelectric, dielectric and elastic) properties in two- and three-component composites based on ferroelectric ceramics and relaxor-ferroelectric single crystals. The book analyzes the interrelations between the electromechanical constants of the components, and describes the different analytical schemes for averaging the properties of these materials with different connectivity and microgeometrical characteristics. The book highlights the advantages of different methods for predicting the electromechanical properties and choosing the optimum components, and demonstrates the non-trivial behavior of specific composite architectures and the parameters of value for engineering applications. The book is of benefit to all specialists looking to understand the detailed behavior and electromechanical response of advanced composite materials.

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