Elliott Hulse Kings Initiation – Inception

Elliott Hulse Kings Initiation – Inception

Robert Moore PhD has said, “You’ll never find a flabby warrior.”

This section of the KING manual is all about “Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself” physically.

In the pages of Warrior section you will see how I’ve approached training over the length of my strength training career to deadlift over 700b and run a 4.3 second 40 yard dash, as well as my new approach to training to look and feel your best without running yourself into the ground.

In this section, I’ve also gone ahead and recruited the help of one of the best Strength coaches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing: Chris Barnard.

Chris is a great example of a technically proficient and enthusiastic strength coach with a seemingly endless array of innovative ideas of what it takes to “Become The Strongest Version of Yourself”

What I’ve seen him do with the athletes that have walked through the doors of the Strength Camp gym has been nothing short of incredible.

I know this because he was one of my early students, and head coach at Strength Camp.
In this section you will discover.

Why strength training is essential for everyone, even if you’re not an athlete or have never stepped foot inside a gym.
How poor posture not only looks bad; it can wreak havoc on your internal health and even destroy your mindset.
How to avoid the horrible mistake of building the WRONG muscles first. – This common mistake causes 99% of people in the gym to never get the body they want.
Why stronger muscles help you melt body fat quickly, but too much muscle can actually destroy performance and aesthetics.
A common “reverse breathing” disorder which destroys posture, causes hormonal stress and ruins SEX DRIVE; and how to easily fix it at home in less than five minutes a day.
How to manipulate your training routine to help you stand taller, look better and carry yourself with balanced confidence.

Why certain “famous” bodybuilding routines can actually make you look and feel WORSE.
The truth about pre-workout static stretching, and why the so-called “experts” are just dead wrong when they say you shouldn’t do it.
The four different types of strength, and which one you’ll need to develop as a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter.
The only 7 movements you ever need to build your most attractive and high-performance body ever.
How to finally build hard, attractive muscles even if you’re naturally skinny or a “hard gainer”.
The most commonly over-developed muscles that cause muscle imbalances, ugly posture and pain.
4 “Power Centers” which must be addressed to build a strong and stable body that can survive any physical challenge.
How your entire structural framework, muscles and skeletal systems work together as one integrated system; and how to train your neural network that ties it all together.


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