Emotional Processing: How to Work Your Way Through Almost Anything

Emotional Processing: How to Work Your Way Through Almost Anything
Publisher: Indigo Reef Publishing Inc
Date: 2018-01-18
ISBN-10: 0978995740
ISBN-13: 9780978995744
Language: English
Pages: 220
Added: 2018-03-31 00:16:02

Emotional Processing: How to Work Your Way through Almost Anything is a practical guide to identifying, understanding, and managing your emotions. It will help you become more aware of your inner processes, lessen your emotional pain, and help you to be less emotionally reactive. The information in this book can also help you resolve inner conflicts that entrap you and rob you of your inner peace. The first half of the book gives you a step-by-step guide to understanding your mental and emotional processes. The second half focuses on overcoming self-attack, which can manifest as depression, anxiety, self-recrimination, guilt, shame, and worthlessness. You will learn how to deal with these painful feeling states in a simple, understandable manner and return to a better state of mind.
Some of the topics that are covered are:

  • how to develop an inner observer
  • how to decode the emotional self
  • how the quality of our thoughts affects our feelings
  • how perceptions, beliefs, transferences, and expectations affect our emotional state
  • the importance of being a human-proportioned self
  • how to work with the actual versus the idealized self
  • primary versus secondary feelings and their role in self-attack
  • how to stop redirecting our anger for others to our self
  • the role of self-forgiveness as a prelude to forgiving others
  • the root causes of anxiety

Written by a nationally certified psychoanalyst, Emotional Processing is factual and well grounded. It goes beyond superficial techniques for dealing with emotional imbalance, offering an in-depth approach to achieving peace of mind. If less comprehensive therapies have not worked for you, the information in this book is what you need.
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