Entire Shop – Powerpoint + Keynote

Entire Shop – Powerpoint + Keynote

by Creative Slides in Templates Presentations

45 Templates worth $800 available only for $29

Limited Time offer. Grab it before the offer ends

We put our entire shop of presentations on sale for a limited period of time. This Super Saver Presentations Bundle is the perfect Powerpoint & Keynote Presentations Bundle for the professional people who wants to present their business in a more professional way.

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$800 worth of templates for just $29

This Bundle includes PowerPoint and Keynote in total there are 45 Presentations Templates

Powerpoint Templates Included

Business Plan 2018 Powerpoint https://crmrkt.com/prAbQg
Pitch Deck 2018 Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/g7zbgr
Seductive Powerpoint Presentation https://crmrkt.com/azQaOe
Pitch Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/g7Ey4D
Dicor Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/8poNEk
Prejudice Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/1Gj3q
Minimal Biz Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/eK739v
Market Analysis Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/zB4v5q
Grinder Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/AG5V9
Business Adda Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/rOdBv
Squash Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/14Vj5
Business World Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/JMRzr
Biz Beast Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/oEMdN
Prisma Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/vXzD6
Businessfy Powerpoint Presentation https://crmrkt.com/vXgjo
Amazing Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/q0rqQ
Business Grind Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/05m1N
Business Pitch Powerpoint Template https://crmrkt.com/pVVea
AnnualReport Powerpoint Presentation http://crtv.mk/xwn
Official Powerpoint Presentation http://crtv.mk/g0Vuz
Business Plus Presentation Template http://crtv.mk/yjV
Ghaint Powerpoint Template http://crtv.mk/w00e
Biz Pro Powerpoint Template http://crtv.mk/j0XG1
Biznus Presentation Template http://crtv.mk/j0eTu
Creative Mind Powerpoint Template http://crtv.mk/i0dln

Keynote Templates Included in This Bundle

Market Analysis Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/azPXpk
Minimal Biz Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/ORrXD6
Prejudice Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/eKoV5x
Grinder Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/PqlbRG
Business Adda https://crmrkt.com/xx22K5
Business World Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/Nok58
Biz Beast Keynote Presentation https://crmrkt.com/O8zRO
Squash Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/NoPjw
Prisma Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/8j3D2
Businessfy Keynote Presentation https://crmrkt.com/QRPvm
Amazing Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/BOqN2
Business Grind Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/VK4j0
Business Pitch Keynote Template https://crmrkt.com/VKM55
AnnualReport Keynote Presentation http://crtv.mk/wB6A
Official Keynote Presentation http://crtv.mk/zB6c
Business Plus Presentation Template http://crtv.mk/b0YJR
Ghaint Keynote Template http://crtv.mk/b0YtH
Biz Pro Keynote Template http://crtv.mk/i0jox
Creative Mind Keynote Template http://crtv.mk/h0nM5
Biznus Keynote Template http://crtv.mk/j0lNh

Images shown in template demo are not included in the download file.

PPTX & Keynote files included in the bundle.


1) Join the Files with Free Splitter v5 if extension ends with chunk00
2)Save the file as a .rar extension
3) Extract the archives with Winrar 5 with password
Password: Golden_Plaza