Environmental Diplomacy: Negotiating More Effective Global Agreements

Environmental Diplomacy: Negotiating More Effective Global Agreements
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: 1994-02-17
ISBN-10: 0195075943
ISBN-13: 9780195075946
Language: English
Pages: 216
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Solutions to environmental problems require international cooperation, but global environmental treaty-making efforts, including the 1992 U.N.-sponsored Earth Summit in Brazil, have not accomplished much. International cooperation has been hampered by the conflicts between the developed nations of the North and the developing nations of the South; by the fact that science cannot accurately predict when or how environmental threats will materialize; and by the problem that the United Nations treaty-making system was never meant to handle threats to the environment.

Lawrence Susskind looks at the weaknesses of the existing system of environmental treaty-making and the increasing role of non-governmental interests in environmental diplomacy. Environmental Diplomacy argues for "nearly self-enforcing" agreements that ensure compliance without threatening sovereignty and maintains that new institutional arrangements are within reach. Susskind builds on the work of the Program on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School and the International Environmental Negotiation Network to offer guidelines for more effective global agreements that provide for sustainable development. Show more Show less 6119aecbab7ab12a7946d4b77483e6d5]https://nitroflare.com/view/80244B3EB1A1EFB/0195075943.pdf Size: (11.69 MB) [/code]5c405b721297e0783049a72cc29fdcf1] Bad link [/code]File name: 0195075943.pdf File size: 11.69 MB

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