Environmental Policy and the Pursuit of Sustainability

Environmental Policy and the Pursuit of Sustainability

English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1138296511 | 228 Pages | PDF | 15.41 MB

It is increasingly apparent that human activities are not suitable for sustaining a healthy global environment. From energy development to resource extraction to use of land and water, humans are having a devastating effect on the earth’s ability to sustain human societies and quality lives. Many approaches to changing the negative environmental consequences of human activities focus on one of two options, emphasizing either technological fixes or individual behavior change to reduce environmental harms through sustainable consumption habits. This book takes a different approach, focusing on the role of environmental policy in shaping the possibilities for and creating hindrances to pursuing more sustainable use of environmental resources.

This unique compilation examines environmental policy through empirical case studies, demonstrating through each particular example how environmental policies are formed, how they operate, what they do in terms of shaping behaviors and future trajectories, and how they intersect with other social dynamics such as politics, power, social norms, and social organization. By providing case studies from both the United States and Mexico, this book provides a cross-national perspective on current environmental policies and their role in creating and limiting sustainable human futures.

Organized around four key parts – Water; Land; Health and Wellbeing; and Resilience – and with a central theme of environmental justice and equity, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental policy and sustainability.

About the Author
Chelsea Schelly is Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social Sciences and the Environmental and Energy Policy graduate program at Michigan Technological University, USA.

Aparajita Banerjee recently completed her PhD in Environmental and Energy Policy from Michigan Technological University, USA.

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