Erotic Amusements By Justine Elyot [Audiobook]

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In Goldsands, there are many amusements to be had for those willing to give in to their deepest desires.

The seaside resort town of Goldsands is a place of dreamers and transients who wash in and out like the tide. But its picture-postcard prettiness conceals some sinister realities. Coldhearted mogul Charles Cordwainer owns most of the local businesses, both legitimate and illicit, and more than a few of its residents.

Michelle, Cordwainer’s submissive: despite her loyalty, he plans to turn her over to another man. Flipp, the new girl in town: she has a dark past and a penchant for bondage. Rocky, Cordwainer’s right-hand man: a sexy biker with eyes for Flipp. Laura, Goldsands’s carnival queen: an über-Female Dog with her sights fixed on Rocky.

Secrets, betrayals, lovers all become intertwined , and when someone starts digging up the dirt on Cordwainer’s empire, nothing will ever be the same.

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