Essential Skills – Artful Anchoring


Essential Skills – Artful Anchoring

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I thought I would write about why we have chosen some of the skills that that we have and decided that they are ESSENTIAL. These are street wise methods. They are designed to give you an overwhelming advantage in everyday life. There is probably nothing fair about them. To me, that’s OK! My definition of an anchor is anything that brings up a feeling or thought of any other thing. It reminds you of something that you have experienced. It might actually bring back that feeling or emotion completely.

I have this habit. Whenever someone around me is having fun…I anchor it. If they are laughing, I anchor it. I think people should feel good around me and I am not going to leave that to chance. If they are in a bad mood I will fire the anchor. They can feel shitty later when I am not around.
I walk up to people and when they smile and shake my hand I also touch them an the shoulder. Well how could you use this? You could just keep it in the context of a seminar and never use it in real life or spent lots of time just touching yourself.
How many different types of anchors are there? Tonal, tactile, spatial, a word, a thing, a smell, and I could go on!
The key is to learn something and then…use it! I read a story in Black Belt magazine a while back that was written by a 4th degree black belt. He said he was a bouncer in a bar and had to remove a drunk due to anti-social behavior. Well the drunk picked a fight with him. So drawing on all his years of training he adopted his best Karate fighting stance. The drunk gingerly picked up a coat rack and proceeded to beat the shit out of him!
My point is that there is training and there is reality. There is a
So why learn to anchor. Well imagine walking into your job and s suddenly and unexplainably your boss looks at you and feels good. It might be that you anchored that feeling to yourself. We all know t hat people do not get promoted due to there ability. They get promoted more often than not, because they make people feel a certain way.
Now If you can anchor good feelings to you I wonder what you might anchor to that co-worker that has been taking credit for all your hard work…. I am not suggesting that you would want to learn to DO that! It would be a sneaky and underhanded thing to do. …
So you might ask "why bother?" Well the reason that we decided to teach this is that so many of you have written about getting a person into a state and having to start all over the next time you saw them.
Well I wonder what it would be like to simply have a handy anchor to fire so get them back in that state IMMEDIATELY!