Eternal Opportunist by Hans Bezdek

Eternal Opportunist by Hans Bezdek
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 249 KB

The planet of Rylondia is on the brink of destruction.
Its only hope? A grocery store worker from Earth.
Trevor Tindol feels stuck at his job at ConvenientMart. However, after helping a strange customer, he’s offered what he believes is a new job.
When he wakes up on a spaceship several hours later, he realizes he might have made a poor judgment call.

Trevor finds himself on a journey across the galaxy to help steal an advanced piece of technology from Rylondia, right before it explodes.
For better or worse, he’s not alone. The misfit crew on the Eternal Opportunist includes a lizard assassin, a mechanic with a robotic arm, and a thief captain who is only interested in the technology that may or may not still be on the Rylondia.
Can Trevor and the crew of the Eternal Opportunist grab the mysterious piece of technology in time, perhaps even finding a way to save the people on Rylondia, or will they meet their end along with the planet?

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