ETs and Aliens: Who Are They? by Noel Huntley (.AZW3)

Ets and Aliens: Who Are They? and Why Are They Here? by Noel Huntley
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Overview: Humanity’s extraterrestrial connections go back a long way. The book covers the main ETs directly involved with Earth and the human evolutionary purpose, including continued interferences from unenlightened ETs. In the latter category there are aliens who have for millions of years been endeavouring to bring Earth and its human species under their control. In addition, there are pirate aliens who plunder the Earth for needed resources and who have been involved in secret government negotiations for many decades.

The book particularly deals with the nature and appearance, where known, of these different ETs who have been observing, aiding and intervening in Earth affairs for a very long time. A wide spectrum of consciousness is described, ranging from negative ETs to Positive ETs of various advanced civilisations which are in synchronistic harmony with the overseeing spiritual government, creator levels and finally the God concept.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy > Occult & Forbidden Knowledge > UFOs & Extraterrestrials

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