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Europe – 1789 To 1914 – Encyclopedia Of The Age Of Industry And Empire (europe) ( 5 Vol Set )

The time period between the onset of the French Revolution to the outbreak of World War I is one of the most studied periods in history. The heavily researched era is singled out in this exciting new five-volume set covering the important people and the major events and developments in Europe. Broad in scope, the contributions of about 600 scholars across the globe are conveniently collected in a single encyclopedia that encompasses all areas of human endeavor. With a thoughtful index and accessible prose, readers can easily gather specific information or leisurely explore the periods scientific, social and cultural history as well as its political, military and economic developments. The collection of 868 articles illustrates the impact of the French Revolution and Napoleonic era on Europe, and the transformation of its political, social, and cultural institutions by the forces of industrialization, nationalism, mass politics, imperialism, great power rivalries and innovative cultural change. Each article includes a bibliography, some annotated. Enlivening the material are sidebars that clarify concepts and provide excerpts from primary source documents. Each volume also includes an 8-page color insert and numerous illustrations. A chronology and a thematic outline of the contents concisely frames the material in a larger context, helping readers build meaningful connections. This set links European experience to the his