Everyday Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes For Your …

Everyday Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes For Your Cast Iron Skillet, Sheet Pan And Dutch Oven

Your best friend in the kitchen for Everyday Cooking Cooking using a cast iron skillet, sheet pan, or dutch oven may appear to be limiting for some, but we have found for you 200 recipes and ideas to experiment with, whatever cooking method you choose and the beauty of these recipes is that most require only a single pot so no need to use and spoil anything else to make yourself a delicious recipe without the fuss. They are also incredibly versatile and you can cook pretty much any recipe that you may think of from a cheesy skillet pizza to a hearty apple pie. You can saute, poach, slow-cook, grill, and bake with any of these pans and youll find that in many recipes, you can use a single pan to do most of your cooking without many other tools, saving you both time and resources.

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