Everyday Cybersecurity by Christopher K. Cox +

Everyday Cybersecurity: A practical approach to understanding cybersecurity, security awareness, and protecting your personal information and identity by Christopher K. Cox
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Overview: In a conversational style, Chris lays out a foundational understanding of cybersecurity, much like an informal guide. Geared primarily towards non-technical users, you’ll discover not just what you should be doing, but why you need to follow best practices. Included inside, you’ll learn: Why you are a target of cybercriminals.How to create memorable and secure passwords, and easily manage passwords.What makes a password secure, and how fast bad passwords are cracked.Different types of malware, social engineering attacks, and scams, and how to protect yourself.Securing your home network, internet browsing, and smart devices.Recommendations to protect your information on social media.How physical security can increase your cybersecurity.How to better secure your personal information and identity.How to protect the identity of children in your care.What to do if your information is compromised in a data breach, or your identity is stolen.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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