Evolution and Innovation in Wildlife Conservation: Parks and Game Ranc

Evolution and Innovation in Wildlife Conservation: Parks and Game Ranches to Transfrontier Conservation Areas

2008 | 481 Pages | ISBN: 1844076342 | PDF | 3.4 MB

The crucible of innovation in wildlife and habitat conservation is in southern Africa where it has co-evolved with decolonization, political transformation and the rise of development, ownership, management and livelihood debates.?

Charting this innovation, early chapters of this volume deal with the traditional ‘fines and fences’ conservation that occurred in the colonial and early post-independence period, with subsequent sections focussing on the experimentation and innovation that occurred on private and communal land as a result of the break from these traditional methods. The final section deals with more recent innovations in the sector, focussing on building and strengthening the relationships between parks and society. Importantly, the book provides a data-rich summary of experimentation with more inclusive models of conservation in terms of ecological, social, political and economic indicators.?

Published with the Southern African Sustainable Use Specialist Group (SASUSG) of IUCN.

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