Evolutions of a Law Practice by Barry Seidel

Evolutions of a Law Practice: How I Opened My Own Practice Right Out of Law School by Barry Seidel
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Overview: Back in 1982 I opened my own law practice right out of school. This arose out of a combination of necessity and the thought that it could be done! This is the story of what I did, and the various business and personal evolutions that followed.

In this book I discuss how I marketed and built a practice, what worked and what didn’t, and how I kept moving forward despite facing some serious challenges. I wrote this book to help lawyers and law students who are on their own or are considering that path.

I hope my story will encourage people to consider entrepreneurial possibilities, to evaluate their career plans, and to pursue viable career options. As you’ll see, once you’ve started it’s easy enough to bring in business and keep busy. But of course, there are many more business and life considerations.
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