Excel For Accountants [released 1252019]

Excel for Accountants
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Instructor: Michael McDonald

Become a better accountant, bookkeeper, or financial analyst with Microsoft Excel. Excel can be used for profit-and-loss (P&L) reporting, forecasting sales, business valuation, quickly analyzing data from programs like QuickBooks, and more. This course shows you how to perform key accounting tasks in Excel, including small business and corporate record-keeping, and importing and exporting data from QuickBooks to Excel. Professor Michael McDonald shows how to record transactions in a general ledger, categorize expenses for taxes, track business performance, use key financial statements, and do a business valuation. The course is for working professionals and business students alike, with short, focused lessons to give you maximum learning in the minimum amount of time.

Topics include:

Review the major accounting tasks
Transactions in QuickBooks and Excel
Importing and exporting data from QuickBooks to Excel
Taxes and small business record-keeping
Profit and loss tracking
Tracking business performance
Recording transactions in a general ledger in Excel
Building financial statements
Computing key accounting ratios with Excel
Constructing a business valuation

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