Fall Deeper in Love with Soy by Sophia Freeman

Fall Deeper in Love with Soy: 40 Amazing Soy Recipes by Sophia Freeman
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Overview: It’s exciting to see how much of a versatile ingredient soybean is. It is practically everywhere; in soy milk, soy sauce, tofu. Amazingly, these soy foods are filled with protein, cholesterol-free, and they have a low concentration of saturated fat.

Basically, soy is the key ingredient to a variety of sumptuous meals. There is a host of them too, spanning appetizers, main meals, and desserts. There is really no end to what you can make of soy if you know how to.

And you can know how to with this cookbook. It contains 40 recipes that will allow you to make the best meals using soy as the main ingredient. It will leave you wanting more; that much is guaranteed.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Food & Drink

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