Fall of a Kingdom by Michael Greenfield

Fall of a Kingdom by Michael Greenfield
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 448 KB

Prophecy foretold that if a royal child failed to present themselves before the Seers during their sixteenth year, the Kingdom of Boraan would be no more.
For Calmagyr Ironsson the sleepy life of the second son of the village blacksmith seemed as far away from such matters as his daydreams of the Days of Legends, when mighty heroes defeated demonic foes.
The chance to join the Royal Rangers gave him the opportunity to at least partially live some of those dreams, but the kidnap of the Royal Princess Myriana, and an invasion by the Shaler tribes of the north, changes all of those plans.
With his mentor, the former Ranger Magron Farsighter, and royal cousin Dorrin, Cal finds himself in a desperate race far from the Kingdom of Boraan. Their task, to rescue the Princess and bring peace back to the Kingdom.
Joined by newfound friends, and perhaps more, as they journey eastward, Cal’s small group soon discovers it’s not just the fate of Boraan at stake. Agents of the dark lands of Mythra are again on the move after centuries of isolation, and all the kingdoms bordering the Middle Sea are at risk.
Unless his small band can stop them, an era of hatred and oppression awaits.