Fall of Adam by Rusty Ellis

Fall of Adam by Rusty Ellis
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 534 KB

What do you do if your niece and sister disappear into a Northern Idaho cult compound? If you’re Chase Harper, you find a way to bring them home!
When a phone call alerts Chase to their disappearance, he has to track them down before finding a way to infiltrate the cult organization.
The Holy Light Community proclaims to want nothing more than to be left alone to worship as they please. Their spiritual leader went so far as to hire an ex-military security force as a buffer between his Community and the world.
The residents of Crouch, Idaho, were suspicious when the Holy Light Community (HLC) purchased 411 acres northeast of town. The rumors grew as the HLC population expanded and a para-military force began patrolling its borders.
When Chase arrives, the little community responds and is willing to put themselves in harm’s way. Will Chase allow them assist in rescuing his sister and niece, even at the threat to their own lives?