Families of Exponentials: The Method of Moments in…

Families of Exponentials: The Method of Moments in Controllability Problems for Distributed Parameter Systems
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: 1995-11-24
ISBN-10: 0521452430
ISBN-13: 9780521452434
Language: English
Pages: 324
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In this book, the authors present the newly developed theory of non-harmonic Fourier series and its applications to the control of distributed parameter systems, and they extend the theory to include vector exponential series. The first part of the book presents the modern theory of exponentials, using an operator theory approach. The second extends and upgrades the method of moments–one of the most powerful tools in the flourishing theory of the control of distributed parameter systems. They then go on to discuss the controllability of systems described by parabolic and hyperbolic PDE’s for internal, boundary, initial, and pointwise control, and consider typical applications to optimal control problems. Researchers in control theory, operator theory, functional analysis, and partial differential equations will find much to interest them in this treatise. Show more Show less 1141e3827a212ec800b198d069580c33]https://novafile.com/0gj8xuaqjitt Size: (17.40 MB) [/code]7581aa6a2e5a22b5d6b9545179d9ec3b [/code]File name: 35737.Families of Exponentials The Method .ed Par.pdf File size: 17.40 MB