Farmstead Feast (Winter recipes) by Anna Hess

Farmstead Feast: Winter: Delicious, in-season recipes by Anna Hess
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Overview: Did you ever join a CSA and then drown in bushels of kale and sweet potatoes? Or perhaps you’re a homesteader who finally plucked up your courage and learned to pluck a chicken…then couldn’t figure out how to serve meat that is more flavorful, but also tougher, than grocery-store offerings.

Perhaps you’d like to eat seasonally in order to cut back on your carbon footprint or to save some cash. Or maybe you were drawn to homegrown produce after converting over to a paleo diet and learning that cabbages and butternut squash from your garden are easy to substitute into recipes that called for pasta.

No matter where your personal food journey has taken you, Farmstead Feast will introduce you to the ever-changing delicacies of a menu that reflects the uniqueness of each season of the year. In this winter edition, you’ll savor the rich, hearty taste of a venison stew and the sprightly flavor of a raw kale salad, will learn to create your own chicken stock and to turn tough meat into delicious sausage, and will tempt your palate with low- or no-sugar desserts.

And, in the end, when your family doesn’t realize that there’s anything special about these recipes other than their splendid flavor…then you’ve really won the food battle and served a farmstead feast!
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