Fiat Rs 14 (ali D’italia Mini 3) …

Fiat Rs 14 (ali D’italia Mini 3) [italian / English]Download

The Italian Air Ministry issued specifications in 1939 for a "fast maritime reconnaissance seaplane". Fiat responded with the the RS.14, a quick and beautiful aircraft. With a top speed of 235 mph and highly maneuverable (even able to loop), the RS. 14 provided good service to the Regia Aeronautica. It carried its’ offensive weapons in a easily detachable pod under the fuselage centerline making re-arming simple and quick, the first recorded use of this concept. The 3 engined Cant Z.506 was used for air-sea rescue and the RS.14 more for reconnaissance work. This high-quality series of monographs is exclusively devoted to Italian WW2 aircraft. The series is edited by Giorgio Apostolo, the best known and most respected Italian Aviation Historian and the author of several authoritative texts. The volumes contain text in both Italian and English and contain the history of each aircraft and a technical description of the planes. Each book is lavishly illustrated with drawings from original instruction manuals and never before seen photos. The technical drawings ( 6-views ) are provided in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales colour profiles, views and cockpit interiors are also provided.

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