Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution―and Why America Might Miss It

Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution―and Why America Might Miss It
Publisher: Yale University Press
Date: 2018-12-11
ISBN-10: 0300228503
ISBN-13: 9780300228502
Language: English
Pages: 264
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The world of fiber optic connections reaching neighborhoods, homes, and businesses will represent as great a change from what came before as the advent of electricity. The virtually unlimited amounts of data we’ll be able to send and receive through fiber optic connections will enable a degree of virtual presence that will radically transform health care, education, urban administration and services, agriculture, retail sales, and offices. Yet all of those transformations will pale compared with the innovations and new industries that we can’t even imagine today. In a fascinating account combining policy expertise and compelling on-the-ground reporting, Susan Crawford reveals how the giant corporations that control cable and internet access in the United States use their tremendous lobbying power to tilt the playing field against competition, holding back the infrastructure improvements necessary for the country to move forward. And she shows how a few cities and towns are fighting monopoly power to bring the next technological revolution to their communities. Show more Show less 6c2f59f83b83565183e5c58c85fc2fc3

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