Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 3 by Troy Francis

Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 3: Strip Club Secrets – How To Seduce Sexy Strippers And Exotic Dancers (50 Shades of Game ) by Troy Francis
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Overview: Strip clubs— places where beautiful women dance sensuously to music while removing their clothes. For many men this is a vision of paradise. And what guy hasn’t, in his wildest fantasies, not dreamed of dating a dancer at least once in his life?
But the strip club scene can also be daunting, intimidating and costly. Yes, the girls are friendly, but all too often they are only interested in taking money from customers for a private dance.
Many guys go to the strip club secretly hoping that they might successfully attract and seduce a stripper, but they leave disappointed, empty-handed and with a lot less money than they went in with.
Imagine if there was a guide that helped you to avoid rookie mistakes and meet the sexy stripper of your dreams. Well, here it is.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical Self Help, Self Improvement

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