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Find Awesome Startup Ideas

Find awesome startup ideas
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First step in knowing how to start up

What you’ll learn

Find awesome startup ideas that will have a potential to work.


Absolutely no prior knowledge or experience about extrepreneurship is required to take this course.


How do you come up with the best startup idea for you? Where do you look for ideas? How do you know if a startup idea is right for you? Do you have what it takes to pull off your startup idea? Where do you start – do you rely on your passion, or look for emerging technologies or just have an inventory of your skillsets? How many times, have been you a part of a brainstorm session to think of a business idea?

And yet, what has been the result of all those efforts?

Getting a good startup idea is not easy.

Why is it tough?

For people who aren’t into an entrepreneurial mindset, the toughest part about making the transition to the founder is coming up with a profitable business idea.

Some of the reasons for this are:

You confuse a ‘plan’ a.k.a. "how" with a ‘product’ a.k.a. " what".
You wait, read, network, and learn until you get a good idea.
You search for business ideas on the internet.
You get bogged down with domain knowledge constraints
You believe in that "apple on Newton’s head" moment
Not confident if ideas that you are thinking are good and more particularly for you
Not confident if you can do it.
You romanticise with sexy business models of new successful startups a.k.a. Uber and Airbnb.

Business ideas don’t come from the back of napkins in coffee shops.

The course will help you learn to find awesome business ideas that have greater chances of success, so you can get on to launch your startup project.

Who is the target audience?

Aspiring entrepreneurs
Wannabe founders
Freelancers looking for business ideas
Entrepreneurs looking for new business ideas

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